Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flying the Friendly Skies - Naked

A German travel company is now taking bookings for holidays flights in Germany. Nudist flights.

The flight is very short, but quite expensive - $735. They insist that they're not charging for the privilege of being naked, just because it's a small plane (I don't recall the short hop from Boston to NY ever being that expensive, so I think this is a smile and nod moment). And that they're not countenancing entrance to the mile-high orgy club, just a normal flight where everyone (except the flight attendants) just happen to be naked.

All well and good. If they're happy being naked in the company of strangers, more power to them (they do make people aware of the nature of this flight when they buy their ticket, I trust?).

The thing I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around is this - how sanitary is this? I mean, who knows what kind of diseases people might have (and perhaps I'm betraying my scientific naivete here), but wouldn't someone who has something potentially get it on the seat and pass it to someone else? They must use some pretty strong disinfectant in between flights. And no matter how tolerant I am with the idea of people walking around in sanctioned naked areas (too each their own), I think it might just give me the willies to think that someone's bare butt was on the seat that my clothed butt is now sitting on. That's kind of like sharing my pants with someone else's butt. Blech.