Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Non-Dollar

First, read this article:

This alternate US local currency idea is very intriguing to me. True, it could be a logistical nightmare to businesses, since the infrastructure isn't yet set up to deposit the BerkShares into the bank and not all vendors will accept them as payment.

The great thing about it is the support of the local economy. I feel pretty strongly about supporting independent businesses (especially bookstores), and with the influx of Wal-Mart, B&N, Borders, Home Depot, KMart and whatever else into every little town's market, the incentives given to local stores is refreshing. Big chains get so many incentives from their vendors (since they can buy in bulk), that this may just be a drop in the pond. But it's better than nothing, and certainly helps to acknowledge the value of the small business to the community.

Here's my plug for some of my favorite indies:
Whippoorwill Crafts (Boston, MA)
Porter Sq. Books (Cambridge, MA):
The Harvard Bookstore (Cambridge, MA)
Left Bank Books (St Louis, MO)

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