Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your Real Age

Take this Real Age Test. I have no idea what their credentials are, but I'm none too sure of their accuracy. Because, get this, while I may be 28 chronologically, apparently I'm 12.6 in my real age. Yes, you read right, I'm really an 8th grader. I find this vaguely disturbing. But the upside? It says I'll live til almost 90. I'll hold it to that, yes sirree I will!

What's your real age?


Gopi Rajaseharan said...

So. You are 28 then...

I think what is more important than simply getting to 90 is being able to move like an 8th grader when one does get to that age :)

Shaka said...

Bio: 31
Virtual Age: 14.8

Avg Life Exp: 74
Mine: 90.2