Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a Dog of a CD

A new product has hit the New Zealand music charts - music for your dog.

It's out of the range that human can hear (do you remember that exhibit at the aquarium, where they had a machine which played tones that could be heard by different animals, so you could "listen" to one that only dolphins could hear, but you couldn't actually hear it yourself? Kind of like that). It seems to have gotten mixed results thus far. Ranging from a dog attacking and killing the stereo, to dogs lying down and being still, the "music" doesn't have a standard across-the-board reaction. I'm wondering if the dogs different reactions are due to different sensitivities in their ears - you have someone with really acute hearing and play some really high pitched noises, they're going to do anything to get it to stop. Play the same thing for someone deaf, they might just sit down and chill, not realizing it's even there. Or maybe different breeds react differently. Or who knows, maybe it's a preference for the music genre - if you play me a capella or rock I'll stay calm, but if you play me a nice loud jazz or heavy metal CD, I might just go ahead and break your stereo if I don't know how to turn it off.

On the one hand, maybe some dogs would enjoy this. But isn't it kind of anthropocentric, to presume that our pets are going to enjoy a series of high pitched notes? And why don't they just have dog music in human ear range? Obviously dogs can hear in our range, since they respond to our voices. It just seems like another excuse given to part people with their hard earned cash.

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